HEY 2021

Our 2021 little book of ‘so satisfying’ and desk calendar are out now.

We’re often reminded of the really satisfying things we do at resource when a client is delighted with their project and emotion takes over. A ‘Wow’ is so very satisfying. So we’ve gone a bit nostalgic and started to think about the joy and craftsmanship that goes into each project we create; The uniquely clever ideas we bring to life; The sounds and smells of a busy print factory; The clickety clack of the printing presses; The precision of platemaking; The ripple of reems; The oh-so tactile finishes; And the reassurance of knowing that all are created using processes that are environmentally friendly.

We are innovators, communicators, engagement seekers, number crunchers, data geeks, creative thinkers, and dream makers. That’s our So Satisfying, what’s yours?

If you’d like a copy just complete the form below and watch out for the Postie.