The Company is committed to providing a safe working environment for all its employees including freelancers and contractors.  Our COVID-19 Policy is designed to educate and protect all individuals who work within and visit our business environment.

This Policy applies to all resource employees, freelancers, contractors, suppliers and stakeholders.

To ensure that resource adheres to the Government’s guidelines on COVID-19 we have carried out the appropriate risk assessments and have the following measures in place.  These measures are reviewed each month and are flexible in line with any changes within the Government guidelines.



We have carried out risk assessments in line with the HSE guidelines, have consulted with our employees and this information is available on our website.

For those individuals who are working from home, we have carried out risk assessments to ensure they have the technology, comfortable workspace and time capacity to complete their jobs.  We have shared resources, projects and introduced shift patterns to support child / parental care and responsibilities.

For those individuals who are working from the premises, we have provided training on keeping distance, washing hands, using gloves and face masks (PPE) and introduced shift patterns to reduce the number of individuals in the building at any one time.

Risk Assessment Matrix’s have been agreed and introduced to employees to ensure everyone is following the correct process in terms of training, performing their role where it requires two or more people and hand-over protocols.

To ensure that we are protecting everyone against the virus, we have non-contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer testing which is performed with individual’s consent and for anyone returning to the workplace.



We have encouraged all individuals to increase the frequency of their handwashing, hygiene and cleaning by:

  • Providing hand sanitiser and anti-bacterial handwash in all areas of the business
  • Encouraging everyone to wash their hands when they enter and leave the premises, after they have touched machinery, communal areas such as kitchen and relaxing rooms, and after visiting the bathrooms
  • Disinfecting objects, machinery and surfaces which are touched regularly
  • Providing hand drying facilities such as paper towels
  • Providing paper plates, cups, and cutlery so these can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way after use
  • Encouraging people to wear gloves and facemasks where appropriate to avoid any contamination



  • Wherever possible, we have instructed that a 1-2-metre space be maintained between individuals
  • We have displayed sign graphics and information to all employees, visitors, and stakeholders to remind them of the importance of social distance within the business environment
  • We have created safe work ‘bubbles’ for people to work safely within the guidelines
  • We have instilled limited movement across the business to allow colleagues to maintain the distancing rule
  • Client and internal meetings are performed using business portals Zoom / Teams, to avoid physical contact
  • Where we cannot avoid being less than 1-2 metres apart, we have used back to back and side to side working
  • We have staggered arrival and departure times thus reducing the number of people to people contact
  • We have increased the number of shift patterns to reduce the number of people in the building at any one time



Where it is feasibly possible, we have supported people working from home and have:

  • Provided technology and equipment to enable them to have remote access to complete their roles
  • Included them in all Company communications and social interaction
  • Provided them with support and information to look after their physical and mental wellbeing while working remotely
  • Allowed for flexible working to support them with child / parental care responsibilities



  • For those individuals who will be returning to the workplace, they will receive a briefing on the new ways of working
  • Risk Assessment training modules are to be completed by all individuals as part of their work area
  • Shared facilities such as the kitchen and break-out areas, will have smaller groups at any one time so employees may want to think about alternative lunch and beverage preparation
  • Our Clear Desk Policy will be in operation at all times with an emphasis on everyone taking responsibility for the cleaning and management of their own workstations
  • Should an employee need to use public transport on their return to the business environment we will ensure that they can do this during off peak hours, they are provided with the appropriate PPE and provided with the option to flex their hours.



We recognise that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected individuals in different ways, so we promote mental health and wellbeing awareness to employees and support them in whatever ways we can.

Updated 05.01.2021